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Above Windy City. Valparaiso, IN

Above Windy City. Valparaiso, IN
Tom Bart
Jun. 11 - 1 min read


If you find yourself in northern Indiana or in the Chicago area and want to fly above the Windy City head to Valparaiso, IN and stop at Region Flyers.


They have a really nice fleet of Cessna and Pipers that you can rent for 115$ wet.

Wind generally favors runway 9-27 from Porter County Airport. So announce a right or left crosswind departure and head for the shoreline.

The airport doesn’t have a tower so you can announce yourself on Porter County traffic.

The class B of O’Hare only extends down to 3,000 over the city so if you don’t like to talk to ATC, once you get around Gary you can ask for a simple transition of their airspace on 125.6 and then make sure you stay outside of Bravo.

If instead you like to be on flight following you can ask Chicago Center on 128.2. Ask for flight following during a skyline tour. They are generally pretty busy but they will keep an eye on you.

You will then be flying along the shore line over to the beautiful Chicago skyline.

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