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Apple Farm in Northern Cali. Boonville, CA

Apple Farm in Northern Cali. Boonville, CA
Tom Bart
Jun. 15 - 2 min read


Weekend Trips is what California is about.

Fly north for an hour form the Bay Area and you will end up in Mendocino County and smack in the middle of that you will find the small town of Boonville.

Airport: D83
Route: KSQL-D83
Aircraft: N2395V - PA218-181
Transportation: Car Rental on Field (details in post)
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The airport is really small and unattended but very well kept.

Generally wind favors RWY 31. Look at at the weather in Ukiah and use that as a reference. D83 (Boonville) is just in the valley next to it.

Rent a car from Mary at Air Galore for around 75$ a day. A gentleman living across the runway will meet you at the transient parking and deliver your car. (he is a pilot too so you can definitely have a little plane talk in the process.)

Drive up the road for 10 mins and get to one of the most magic stays in Mendocino County. Philo Apple Farm.

Karen is an incredible host and will cook breakfast scones which are to die for.

5 minutes up the road you can find the historical Old Bewildered Pigfor a very inspiring dinner.

Around the area you will find various options for hiking – Hendy Woods State Park is just down the road.

If instead you want to drive towards the coast you will be welcomed by some majestic northern california coastal views. Elk is 35 mins drive away from the farm.


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