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Exploring the Gold Country. Nevada City, CA

Exploring the Gold Country. Nevada City, CA
Tom Bart
Jun. 15 - 2 min read



Only 1 hr flight from the Bay Area Nevada County Airport is the perfect destination to explore the Gold Country.

The airport is situated halfway between the towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley and is at the top of a hill ridge.

Airport: KGOO 
Aircraft: N43434 - PA28-161 
Transportation: Uber
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Generally the wind favors runway 25. In the turn from downwind to bas and base to final the approach takes you over some rising terrain so watch out for some thermals and a few bumps in hot days. Density altitude can get in the high 8000′ during summer.

Be aware of the many firefighting flight coming in during fire season as they might land on runway 7 refill and then takeoff on 25.

Get an Uber from the airport and head to Nevada City (better of the 2 towns for accomodations).

If you are into glamping (or camping) head to the Inn Town Campground where you can find camping spots as well as cabins or glamping tents.

Make sure you have a coffee as soon as you get there…

The area is fantastic for hiking, river swimming and walks.

The yuba river is warm enough in summer for very pleasant swims. Head to the “bridge on 49” to find very popular swimming holes

Or to Bridgeport crossing both part of the South Yuba River State Park.

Once back in Nevada City look for the Deer Creek Tribute Trail a really nice walk that starts close to downtown and takes you along the river all the way to the renowned Chinese Bridge.

On the way stop for relaxing views alongside the creek and put your feet in the water for some refreshing relief.

Shopping is also pretty nice in Nevada city with loads of little locally owned shops selling antiques.

Go to Three Forks Bakery for lunch and then stroll down Broad street to visit The Mine Shaft, a very curious old style saloon.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel The Northern Queen is a good cheap option.


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