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Molossia, a Micronation in North Nevada

Molossia, a Micronation in North Nevada
Edoardo Serra
Jun. 21 - 2 min read

“A micronation is a small entity that claims to be an independent nation or sovereign state but is not recognized as such by world governments or major international organizations.”

Molossia is a well established Micronations on the land of Storey County, near Dayton, NV; this makes it a perfect one day trip from the San Francisco Bay Area.

First, check when the next guided tour of President Baugh’s nation will be held ( then shoot him an email with the date you will be visiting and the number of people in your party.

There are several options to reach Molossia.

Last minute planners might want to land in KRNO, where rental cars are easy to find even at short notice, and drive 40 minutes to Molossia. Atlantic in KRNO is a Hertz agency, you can get your car there directly.

Carlson City Airport (KCXP) is closer, but you need to call ahead and make sure they have cars available.

The closest airstrip is Dayton Valley Airpark (A34) but transportation is harder to arrange. If you fancy a high elevation workout bring a folding bike, or ask the President if he can have someone picking you up.

Be on time for the nation visit and bring your passport, you can get it stamped at the border.

Nation visits are usually in the morning, and last about 2h.

This leaves plenty of time to drive to the close Virgina City, or to fly for lunch to a nearby hot spring.

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