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Sedona from Above. Flagstaff, AZ

Sedona from Above. Flagstaff, AZ
Tom Bart
Jun. 28 - 1 min read

Airport: KFLG 
Aircraft: N234WA - C172P 
Transportation: Uber

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If you are ever in the Sedona area and want to see it from above, head to Flagstaff and visit Wiseman Aviation. They have 2 Cessnas for Flying School and rental. Ask for Fred, do a 1hr checkout and take off over the beautiful Arizona skies.

Flagstaff is the perfect base to explore the area.

Sedona is 15 mins away, Page is 1 hr away and the Grand Canyon is around the corner.

If you land at Sedona (which you should to experience what’s like to land on an aircraft carrier) then do not miss the 4 star restaurant. Mesa Grill.


At 4,830 feet above sea level, KSEZ has a single paved runwaythat’s 5,100 X 100 feet. At either end of its runway, the mesa ends sharply with 500 foot cliffs rolling into the valley below. Immediately surrounding the airport are numerous red sandstone formations, some reaching over 2,500 feet above airport elevation.

Remember with low wind (up to 10 kts) land on 3 otherwise land on 21 or favored runway. Departure preferably on 21. Runway 21 is only left traffic.

Get a local Free Map and call out your position (by calling out the rock formation names) as you fly. Lots of air tours and helicopters flying around.


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