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Skydiving over the Vines. Cloverdale, CA

Skydiving over the Vines. Cloverdale, CA
Tom Bart
Jun. 11 - 2 min read


As pilots we hope we never have to do it but jumping out of a plane is actually a very cool experience.

After crossing San Pablo Bay leaving San Francisco at your 7 o’ clock head towards Santa Rosa.

Airport: O60 
Route: KOAK-O60 
Aircraft: N43434 - PA28-161 
Transportation: Lyft (Rare), Local Bus, Walk, Taxi
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After crossing San Pablo Bay leaving San Francisco at your 7 o’ clock head towards Santa Rosa.

On your way to Cloverdale you will fly over a few other bay area airports. Gnoss Field (KDVO) and Santa Rosa (KSTS) to name a couple.


Once you pass KSTS start your descent and follow the highway. You will pass Healdsburg and then you should start seeing Cloverdale.

Wind is generally favoring landing on 32 but make sure you listen to the CTAF for current traffic in the area or the ATIS at KSTS for a general idea of the weather in the valley.

Taxi to the transient area next to the fuel pump and take any spot to the right of the pump.

Walk around the main building to get to Norcal SkyDiving. The team is very friendly and from the onset they make you feel at home.

They have a couple of 182s that they use for jumpers and offer jumps from 8, 12 and 15,000 feet. They offer group discount so make sure you get there with a few friends.

To head into town after your jump you can use the Sonoma County Bus 60.  The airport is a 7 mins walk from stop C.

If instead you want to cool down by the river and maybe even swim in it there is a path that starts at the end of runway that takes you directly to the Russian River.

The jumps are amazing as they offer a unique view of the Sonoma Valley wineries.

If you are not planning to fly back the same day then arrange a stay at the Icaria Creek Winery Lodge. It is only a 20 mins walk from the airport and offers some amazing Zinfandel and a magic stay at the winery itself.

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