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Southernmost Point of the USA. Key west, FL

Southernmost Point of the USA. Key west, FL
Tom Bart
Jun. 15 - 2 min read


Rent a plane from airplanes4rent in Fort Lauderdale (KFXE) and start flying south for some amazing low pass over the beautiful keys.

Airport: KEYW
Aircraft: N83960 - PA28-161 
Transportation: Uber, Car Rental, Bikes
Open in ForeFlight

As soon as you take off from Fort Lauderdale Executive head to the shoreline, ask for flight following and ask for a Fort Lauderdale International transition. Most of the time you will get cleared to fly 500 feet or below 3 miles offshore. It is beautiful, scary at first, but beautiful. As you fly along the shoreline turn your head to the right and wave at the people at the windows of their condos – that’s how low you are flying.

Once out of KFLL airspace be ready for another transition. This time it will be KMIA.  You will probably get “at or below 1500 ft between Miami and Miami beach”.


Again turn your head right and left as you fly to see condos on boths sides of your plane.

After KMIA stay low and start following The Overseas Highway for some breathtaking views.

I prefer to always be on Flight Following but if you don’t fancy talking on the radio you can at this point cancel it.

Make sure to stay on the south side of the highway as you approach Boca Chica. This will allow you to avoid the meteorological balloon.

Once you arrive at Key West (you’ll most likely land on 9), park at Signature. Not many other options even though they will probably charge you 40-60 $.

You have many options to stay when in Key West. We stayed at the Parrot Key Hotel & Villas a really cute resort at the edge of town.

They have pools, bars and bicycle rentals. A lot of people in Key West actually move around by bike. Plenty of bicycle parking spots and bike lanes.

Again there are many options for beaches but a couple I wouldn’t miss are Higgs Beach and Fort Zachary Taylor.

If you have a full day to explore something different do a snorkel/eco tour with Key West Eco Tours. They have kayaks, small boats and they will take you to some remote spots to see wildlife in their kingdom.

Another fun option is a Key West Safari Snorkel Tour, a self guided boat tour through backcountry mangroves and beaches.


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