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The Praying Tree. Joshua Tree National Park. Yucca Valley, CA

The Praying Tree. Joshua Tree National Park. Yucca Valley, CA
Tom Bart
Jun. 15 - 2 min read


In my mind the best National Park in the Southwest, Joshua Tree National Park is one weird place…

Boulders and buttresses, rugged mountains, gold mining ruins, desert plains dotted with the oddball trees. A combination of different features which offer amazing sunset colors and beautiful landscape making it become a spotlight when visiting California.

Airport: L22 
Route: KSQL-KBFL-L22 
Aircraft: N2395V - PA28-181 
Transportation: Car Rental Delivered
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Fly to the Southern California area of Bakersfield and then head for the mountains and cross over into the desert.

The best airport to visit JTNP is Yucca Valley. The bar/pub on the field (which serves also as FBO for Car Rental) is frequented by the locals and always full of friendly people.

The airport doesn’t have fuel so make sure you do your calculations. (a good option nearby is Apple Valley.

Three options are available for car rental (with delivery).

Transient parking is only 5$ and is located at the end of Runway 24 (by the Runway 6 numbers).

As always when flying in mountainous areas make sure to check your density altitudes and be ready for a little bit of turbulence when crossing passes.

Once over Mojave Airport (look for our other post on it) ask if R-2515 is cold so that you can head directly to KAPV instead of going around it.

Various options are available for accomodation. We stayed at an awesome Rustic Retreat only a few minutes outside of the park.

If you are a bit more adventurous and you can carry camping equipment you can also stay at the Jumbo Rocks Campground.

The park offers multiple attractions spanning from majestic views to gigantic rock formations all for you to explore.

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