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Exit the runway and taxi all the way home! Cameron Park, CA

Exit the runway and taxi all the way home! Cameron Park, CA
Vincenzo Puppo
May. 31 - 2 min read


I am sure every pilot and aviation enthusiast has probably dreamt of having a plane parked on their very own driveway. Many airpark communities are built to do exactly that and Cameron Park is one them. 

Find the destination on ForeFlight 

The airport is nestled between hills and not very easy to spot. If you are flying from the Bay Area, go towards Sacramento and then Folsom Lake. The airport is to the right of the lake, but to find it, start paying attention to the geographic features and the GPS (if you have one) right after Sacramento Mather.

Make sure to study the Chart Supplement/Airport and Facility Directory (A F/D) as there are some peculiarities with this airport: displaced threshold, few obstacles as you approach/depart, sloped runway, ....

Nothing that should scare you though! 

The preferred runway is 31. Check the weather on 120.0, and note that winds in the pattern can be a bit different than those on the runway, so pay close attention to the windsock …and of course other traffic!

Note also that, at the time of writing, the airport is closed at night by NOTAM!

Once you have landed and secured the plane, take a stroll to check out the multiple planes parked in people’s driveways.

If you don't have a plane, but would like to rent one here, please reach out to Patrick at Cameron Park Aircraft Rental & Flight Training. After a relaxed, but thorough checkout, you can rent a nice AMD Alarus (CH 2000) and explore the area on your own…...


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