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White Water Rafting. Auburn, CA

White Water Rafting. Auburn, CA
Tom Bart
Jun. 11 - 1 min read


If you fancy water sports and don’t mind the heat, fly to Auburn for a weekend of fun with your friends.

Airport: KAUN 
Route: Local 
Aircraft: N553TP - PA28-181 
Transportation: Uber, Car Rental in town.
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After a nice flight over the Bay Area

and after cruising along the very flat Central Valley

you can enter left downwind for Runway 25 (wind is prevalent from the west) at Auburn Municipal Airport.

taxi to the terminal and park in the transient area. (plenty of spaces available).


Then catch an Uber or a Lyft to the American River Resort in Coloma, CA

Set up camp and be ready for some crazy white water rafting.


Make sure you reserve the right package for your group with American Whitewater Expedition


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